Telugu Rhymes పిల్లల మొదటి పాటలు

“చిన్న చిన్న పదాలు, చిట్టి చిట్టి పాటలు, చిన్న పిల్లల పాటలు,పాడుకుందాం రండి!.

Some popular and catchy rhymes that I have beensinging with my own kids. Some of these are read by my kids. For some, I guided them so thatother kids who listen can get the correct pronunciation. Some of the illustrations for these are rhymes are by my kids, others are by me.

chiTTi chilakamma

చిట్టి చిలకమ్మ

A little kid is empathising with a parrot whose mom was mad at her.

uDataa uDataa Ucchi

ఉడతా ఉడతాఊచ్చి

Squirrels with thier fluffy tails are too cute to be not noticed Luckily enough, they frequent backyards and are seen swiftly climbing to the topmost branches with ease. Is it any surprise, then, that moms request squirrels to pluck ripe guava fruit from the tree and give it to the little baby?

chuk chuk railu

చుక్ చుక్ రైలు

Which kid is not fascinated by a train, its rhythmic “choo choo” and its high pitched “toot,toot”? Perhaps only the littlest of them, the babies. This rhyme shares the excitement of big kids and warns them to keep a safe distance at the same time. A little baby who gets scared of all the noise is comforted by her mother, saying, ” Hush, baby don’t cry, I will give you candy and warm milk to comfort you once we are seated in the train.”

draksha paLLu, paisaki rendu

ద్రాక్ష పళ్ళు, పైసకి రెండు

This rhyme is a game played by school kids to form teams. The team leaders hold their hands upand together while a train of kids passes under them. The kids sing this rhyme and when it ends, the kid who is still under the “hanging bunch of grapes” made by the team leader’s hands, is caught. That kid has to then choose whose team to join.

gummaadamma gummaadi

గుమ్మాడమ్మా గుమ్మాడి

This rhyme is about a pumpkin. However, it is sung about the new fruit in the family, the newbaby.
taarangam , taarangam
తారంగం, తారంగం

This rhyme is sung by the elders of the family about the time when the baby starts to recognise her hands and feet. The baby’s hands are held in their own hands and clapped together and taken apart. When the rhyme ends, the hands are put together above the baby’s head in a traditional “gOvinda” salute to the lord VenkatEswara.

vaana vaana vallappa
వానా వానా వల్లప్పా

Kids love rain and playing in the rain. It is not uncommon for a few kids to be shy of getting wet or muddy, though. This rhyme captures the enthusiasm of the kids playing in the wet front yard, while a kid or two prefer to have fun just watching it from the porch.

enugu enugu nallana

ఏనుగు ఏనుగు నల్లన

Another object of kids’ admiration, an elephant. In India, in olden days and even now in some places, elephants are seen in temples and are used for special festival processions to carry the idols of god in a ceremonious way. This rhyme describes that. It is also sometimes sung when an elder in the family becomes the “elephant” for the kid in fun play.

enugamma enugu

ఏనుగమ్మా ఏనుగు

Another rhyme about elephant. Usually this, and the above rhyme go together.

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